Wednesday, March 14, 2018

By Staff Writter
ABOUT 10 Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLA) groups and 191 Women Agri-business Group (WAG) members have been trained on VSLA concept, business management skills, entrepreneurship and agribusiness skills, thanks to the Achieving Reduction of Child Labour in Support of Education (ARISE) program.
ARISE program introduce the VSLA in tobacco farming communities to enable them keeping their children out of labor and pay for the school needs.
The ARISE program is supported by Japan Tobacco International (JIT) in collaboration with ILO and Winrock International to the war against child labour in Tabora region.
Speaking in Tabora region, Winrock International ARISE program director Magawa Abdallah said that the VSLA has currently introduced in the communities of Chali in Uyui district, Itebulanda in Urambo and Ikonongo in Kaliua district.
Winrock International ARISE program director also said that they will soon introduce VSLA in other communities of Usindi in Kaliua and Motomoto in Urambo district.

"We have empowered 12 village Agents who are Community Based Trainers who were trained on VSLA methodology and are now provide assistance to VSLA members," he said.
He added: "10 VSLA groups have trained on agribusiness, financial management and entrepreneurship skills with 191 women on board out of 214 identified from WAG women."
One of the beneficiaries of ARISE program on VSLA, Asha Mrisho from Tupendane Group in Uyui district said: "Through VSLA, I can now lend money from the group and help my family to buy school uniforms for my children, even without letting them into child laboring in tobacco farms."
"The lending ability in our Tupendane group is from Tsh 25,000 to Tsh 240,000 and a member can lend money accordingly to what he or she has generated," she said.
She noted: "Our group has also introduce income generating activities such as soap selling so as to improve our income collections."
Sara Kalunga, one of the leaders for Upendo group said that their group which formed in May last year has 22 members with the collections of 1.29m/- until last week.
"Group member can have an access of buying one stock worth 1000/- and he or she can buy not more than 5 stocks per week. We always meet once a week."
Kalunga went further saying that their VSLA group helped them to get unconditional loans which help them to improve or sometimes starting new businesses that assist them to cater the needs of their children, hence reduce child labour activities.
Simon Nyanda, a leader for VSLA's Mkombozi group in Uyui said that their collections have currently reaching at 2.3m/- and so far, about 19 members out of 23 have secured loans for their needs.
On his part, Ndono ward councilor in Uyui-Tabora Haruna Luwambo said: "I commended the ARISE program since it has assisted the government in fighting against child labour in tobacco farms."
Luwambo stresses that a number of projects introduced by ARISE such as VSLA has helped community members improving their economies hence take good care of their children' needs particularly their education and health,"
"The people in the communities are now able paying for children's education, without letting them involve into child labour activities, we thank very much the ARISE program for introducing this good intervention."

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Huawei received eight (8) major awards from GSMA during the Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards ceremony at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC). The awards are
2.      Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry award.”
3.      “Best Mobile Network infrastructure award” for 5G ready Ultra wide Band
4.      Joint winner on “Best mobile technology breakthrough award” for 5G Cloud Air
5.      “Best network software breakthrough award” for 5G Service oriented core
6.      “Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Market award” for RuralStar connectivity solution
7.      “The Green Mobile award” for Zero-Footprint TubeStar solution
8.      Outstanding Mobile Technology award” The CTOs’ Choice

Mobile technology is changing every day. Connectivity has extended beyond cities to suburbs, and bandwidth has grown from megabits to gigabits. Connections themselves are no longer limited to people, but now include things. In the meantime, our lives have fundamentally changed. Almost without realizing it, we've gone from going online to living online, from bridging the digital divide to exploring the digital world. Industries are converging. Technology and business are merging, and so are work and our everyday lives. Boundaries are dissolving all around us. All of these changes and challenges made and continue to make Huawei one of the best ICT solution providers.

From these awards, there are two solutions in particular that could be commercialized in Tanzania market and change the way operators operates. Solutions like are cloudAir which maximize spectrum efficiency and provide rapid coverage and also RuralStar which is specific for improving rural network coverage.”

The CloudAIR - Using cloud technology, the solution centrally schedules and efficiently utilizes air interface resources, including spectrum, power, and channels, enabling carriers to increase efficiency, flexibly deploy services, and deliver a better user experience. Carriers have been able to flexibly refarm spectrum resources since the launch of SingleRAN base stations a decade ago. SingleRAN made it possible to statically allocate 5 MHz of a 10 MHz spectrum band to UMTS and the other 5 MHz to GSM. However, spectrum resources could not be dynamically shared between different radio access technologies (RATs). With the spectrum cloudification technology offered by CloudAIR, one spectrum band can be dynamically shared between different RATs in response to fluctuations in traffic. This helps to maximize spectrum efficiency and provide rapid coverage for new RATs. The solution also enables on-demand access for legacy RATs according to changes in service needs and prevents these RATs from exclusively occupying "golden" spectrum.

The RuralStar – This solution has been developed for remote rural areas in Africa to improve local network coverage. The solution consume very Low power with a choice of sources, low TCO, easy to install with minimal site preparation, new battery technology and various security features. Huawei has been working to connect the unconnected and will continue to work with the Tanzania government to promote popularization of mobile broadband in Tanzania through healthy business models, so that more unconnected people can enjoy the convenience of wireless communication.
The solution has been successfully deployed by 12 operators in eight counties, including: Thailand, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Mexico. Thanks to RuralStar, millions of unconnected people can now access mobile networks for the first time and enjoy the convenience of using mobile Internet services.
Approximately 80 million users have been served with this solution. 40,000 upgraded base stations are planned to be deployed later this year, serving 180 million users across the globe. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

New Industry Environment, Cooperation Modes, and Business Solutions will Advance Digital Economic and
Social Development

Huawei has outlined its commitment to accelerate digital upgrade in emerging markets. It will continue to cooperate with local governments and telecom industry partners on ICT infrastructure initiatives, expanding ecosystem partnerships to introduce new services and delivering innovative solutions that bridge the digital divide across emerging markets.

Access to the internet through mobile and fixed networks will soon become a basic right. In 2017, more than 450 million people were connected to mobile Internet, and more than 30 million families had access to broadband services. However, 3 billion people in the world still lack access, and 870 million do not even own mobile phones. 1.1 billion Families still do not have broadband connections. With growing mobile adoption and rising GDP per capita in densely populated emerging markets, a large proportion of income is spent on both voice and data services. This offers significant opportunities for operators. It is estimated that over the next five years, more than 1 billion people in emerging markets will be connected and the resulting traffic will increase by five to ten times.

With the continued development of infrastructure and industry ecosystems improvement, emerging market will embrace another round of business booming, which will accelerate the revenue growth and will improve the efficiency of network construction, operation, and maintenance.

“We are committed to support digital transformation in Tanzania.” said Mr. Gao Mengdong, The country General Manager. “We are planning to have more productive collaboration with Tanzania government and telecom industry partners in improving and growing ICT industry especially in infrastructure, business supporting systems, just to name a few. The investment and collaborations in ICT will improve efficiency of services to the ICT industry. Our objective is to help build a better connected Tanzania”

Huawei is focused on three core areas to help operators meet the burgeoning demands on their networks.

New Industry Environment

The relatively weak ICT infrastructure in emerging markets requires that governments introduce top-down top- level design and unified planning, as well as industry support in unconnected areas. Digital economic development must be driven by ICT development and opportunities in the next couple of years must be seized to bridge the digital divide.

New Cooperation Modes

Huawei cooperates with industry partners in ecosystems to promote new forms of cooperation, effectively helping to  shorten  the ROI  of operators,  and  drive  the positive cycle of business development  and network

construction. Huawei helps operators in various countries to form collaboration with tower vendors and other operators in building infrastructure such as site ecosystems and FTTH alliance,. In 2017, over 30 infrastructure industry alliances have been established to maximize the investment efficiency of infrastructure.

New Business Solutions

Huawei is working with operators to offer a series of innovative business solutions. These are primarily introduced to increase the efficiency of network operation and maintenance, rapidly deploy broadband to the home, and fully leverage existing network and public assets to unleash site potential and maximize spectral efficiency. These solutions are already delivering benefits for operators in emerging markets:

About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider which aims to build a better connected world. Their goals as a responsible corporate citizen, are to innovative enabler for the information society, and collaborative contributor to the industry. Driven by customer-centric innovation and open partnerships, Huawei has established an end-to-end ICT solutions portfolio that gives customers competitive advantages in telecom and enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing.
Huawei’s 180,000 employees worldwide are committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers. Our innovative ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

China's Huawei is forging closer commercial ties with big telecom operators across Europe and Asia, putting the company in prime position to lead the global race for next-generation 5G networks.

On Sunday the 25th February 28, 2018 ahead of the opening of Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain; the GSMA presented Huawei Technologies with the 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry. The award was presented at a special ceremony, where Huawei was recognized for decades of advocating new technology standards, driving digital transformation, and building out the digital ecosystem.

At the ceremony, Ken Hu, Rotating and Acting CEO at Huawei, accepted the award on behalf of the company. "Over the years, we have worked with many of you to advance 3G, 4G – and now 5G and other ICT technologies," he said, " Huawei has connected over one-third of the world's population. Since the mobile industry is evolving, it will soon become the cornerstone of a fully connected, intelligent world."

World’s first company offering end-to-end 5G solution

On the same day at Mobile World Congress, Huawei launched its HUAWEI 5G customer-premises equipment (CPE), the world’s first commercial terminal device supporting the globally recognized 3GPP telecommunication standard for 5G. This device marks a milestone as Huawei sets the stage for the next generation of wireless connectivity.

To ensure peak performance from its 5G CPE, Huawei uses its self-developed Balong 5G01 chipset – the world’s first commercial chipset supporting the 3GPP standard for 5G, with theoretical downlink speeds of up to 2.3Gbps. It supports 5G across all frequency bands including sub-6GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave) to offer a complete 5G solution suitable for multiple use cases. The Balong 5G01 makes Huawei the first company offering an end-to-end 5G solution through its network, devices and chipset-level capabilities. The Huawei low frequency 5G CPE is small and lightweight, compatible with 4G and 5G networks, and has proven measured download speeds of up to 2Gbps – 20 times that of 100Mbps fiber. This provides an ultra-fast experience, allowing users to enjoy VR video and gaming experiences, or download a TV show within a second. The Huawei high frequency 5G CPE is available in indoor and outdoor units.

5G networks set new standards for high speed, wide bandwidth, low latency wireless connections, with a peak downlink rate of 20Gbps, support for one million devices per square kilometer and latency as low as 0.5ms. 5G promises an enhanced connection between people and the Internet of Things, raising the potential for the number of devices that can be connected and the amount and type of data that can be shared between them.

Huawei will continue to develop new technologies and work with industry partners to develop a 5G ecosystem. Huawei has partnered with over 30 global telecommunication carriers, including Vodafone, Softbank, T-Mobile, BT, Telefonica, China Mobile and China Telecom. In 2017, Huawei began testing 5G commercial networks with partners. The Chinese equipment maker is conducting pre-commercial 5G trials in many of the world's biggest cities, including Seoul, Tokyo, London, Milan and Vancouver in Canada, Hu said. Huawei completed interoperability testing and started offering the first round of 5G commercial networks in 2018.

Huawei has invested US$600 million in research and development into 5G technologies and have led the way with innovations around network architecture, spectrum usage, field verification and more. From connected vehicles and smart homes to AR/VR and hologram videos, Huawei has committed to developing a mature 5G ecosystem so that consumers can benefit from a truly connected world that transforms the way we communicate and share.”

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, Huawei has presented technologies and solutions for 5G, All-Cloud network, video, and IoT. In particular, it has focused on the three key issues of better connections, better business growth, and better experience.

Mr. Gao Mengdong, the country General Manager said “Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. We have advanced technology and capabilities that can gradually leverage the Tanzania government as well as all Tanzanians to reach their maximum potential. Huawei is willing to assist Tanzania government in developing ICT talents and also transforming Tanzania to be the ICT talents training hub of East Africa Region”.

 Meneja wa Bia ya Castle Lager, Pamela Kikuli (katikati) akizungumza na waandishi wa habari wakati wa uzinduzi wa mashindano maalumu ya soka yanayofahamika kama ‘Castle Lager Africa 5s’ (5 – Aside).yaliyofanyika Viwanja vya Leaders jijini Dar es Salaam.Kulia ni Meneja Masoko ,Habari ,Udhamini na Promosheni za wateja, George Kavishe na Balozi wa Kampeni hiyo, Ivo Mapunda.

Kampuni ya Bia Tanzania (TBL) kupitia kinywaji chake cha Bia ya Castle Lager, imezindua rasmi mashindano maalumu ya soka yanayofahamika kama ‘Castle Lager Africa 5s’ (5 – Aside).
Mashindano haya yenye hadhi ya kimataifa yanashirikisha timu za wachezaji watano (5) kila upande, na kocha mmoja. Mechi zake zitakuwa zikichezwa kwa dakika saba (7) ili kata mshindi.
Bingwa wa michuano hiyo ataiwakilisha Tanzania huko Zambia katika michuano ya kimataifa dhidi ya nchi nyingine 5 kutoka Afrika ambazo ni: Afrika Kusini, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho. Baada ya hapo mshindi atapata fursa ya kwenda Urusi kushuhudia michuano ya Kombe la Dunia baadaye mwaka huu, akiambatana na mashabiki wawili ambao watapatikana katika mchakato malumu pamoja na mchezaji mmoja mkongwe kutoka nchi ambayo ni bingwa. Kama Tanzania itafanikiwa kushinda, timu pamoja na mashabiki hao wawili wataongozana na mkongwe katika soka Ivo Mapunda aliyekua kipa wa Taifa Stars na Simba Sports Club.
Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari jijini Dar es Salaam, Meneja wa Bia ya Castle Lager, Pamela Kikuli, alisema kuwa, kuna michakato maalumu ya kupata timu shiriki kupitia katika baa mbalimbali jijini Dar es Salaam.
“Utaratibu wa kupata timu utawahusisha moja kwa moja mashabiki wa baa husika kupendekeza timu zao, kabla ya hatua nyingine za kuzipigia kura timu zinazotakiwa kushiriki. Mteja wetu atapata maelekezo maalumu kutoka kwa watu wetu ambao watakuwa wakipita katika baa hizo kwa nyakati tofauti. Sifa kubwa ya mteja wetu kushiriki katika mchakato huo ni pamoja na kununua bia ya Castle Lager,” alisema Kikuli.
Akitolea maelezo za ziada jinsi mchakato huo wa Castle Lager Africa 5s utakavyokua, Meneja Masoko, Udhamini na Promosheni za Wateja George Kavishe amesema kua, michuano hiyo inashirikisha baa 160, zitakazogawanywa katika makundi 10, huku kila kundi likiwa na baa 16. Kila kundi litatakiwa kuwa na kiwanja chake katika michuano ya awali ya timu 16 na kupata timu 8. Wilaya zote za Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam zitashiriki katika michuano hii. Hapa tukimaanisha Kinondoni, Ilala, Temeke, Ubungo na Kigamboni. Bonanza za kuanza kuchagua timu wakilishi za wilaya zitaanza tarehe 17 Machi hadi 21 Aprili kisha Bonanza kuu itakayoleta timu 10 za fainali itakua tarehe 28 Aprili 2018.
“Katika hatua ya pili ya bonanza tutapata timu moja kutoka katika yale makundi 10 ya awali na kufikisha idadi ya timu 10 zitakazocheza katika bonanza kubwa pale Viwanja vya Leaders jijini Dar es Salaam, kupata timu tano (5) zitakazocheza kwa mtindo wa ligi na hatimaye kupata bingwa.” Alisema Meneja Kavishe.

Michuano hii inafanyika kwa miezi miwili, ambapo washiriki wanatakiwa kuwa na umri wa miaka kati ya 24 na 34. Lengo la mashindano haya ni kuwaleta pamoja marafiki na mashabiki wa soka. Wachezaji walioko katika ligi mbalimbali nchini hawatoruhusiwa kushiriki katika michuano hii, hata kama wana kigezo cha umri uliotajwa hapo juu.                                                           
Meneja Masoko ,Habari ,Udhamini na Promosheni za wateja, George Kavishe(kulia) akizungumza na waandishi wa habari wakati wa uzinduzi wa mashindano maalumu ya soka yanayofahamika kama ‘Castle Lager Africa 5s’ (5 – Aside).yaliyofanyika Viwanja vya Leaders jijini Dar es Salaam. Katikati ni Meneja wa Bia ya Castle Lager, Pamela Kikuli.
 Balozi wa Castle Lager 5s, Ivo Mapunda akizungumza
 . Meneja Masoko ,Habari ,Udhamini na Promosheni za wateja, George Kavishe(kushoto) akipiga Penati  kuashilia uzinduzi wa Promosheni ya Castle Lager 5s uliofanyika Leaders.Kulia ni Balozi wa Kampeni hiyo, Ivo Mapunda.
 Meneja Masoko ,Habari ,Udhamini na Promosheni za wateja, George Kavishe(kushoto) akisalimiana na wachezaji wakati wa uzinduzi wa uzinduzi wa Promosheni ya Castle Lager 5s uliofanyika Leaders.Kulia ni Balozi wa Kampeni hiyo, Ivo Mapunda.

Friday, February 23, 2018

 Deutsche Telekom, Intel and Huawei prove the world's first 5G interoperability and development testing (IODT) based on the 3GPP R15 Standard with a commercial base station in an operator lab environment. This successful test in Bonn, Germany, is another important milestone after the three partners initially verified the first 5G NR interoperability in Huawei’s Shanghai labs.

The test is based on Huawei's 5G commercial base station and Intel's third generation 5G NR Mobile Trial Platform (MTP). It is a critical step towards the early development of full commercial 5G equipment in 2019, accelerating the 5G ecosystem.

The test configuration used by the three parties is based on the largest C-band cell bandwidth defined by the 5G NR standard. It also incorporates the latest Massive MIMO multi-antenna and beamforming technology enabled by the standard framework.

Arash Ashouriha, Senior Vice President Technology Innovation of Deutsche Telekom said: ” The successful testing in our 5G:haus operator environment is  another significant step on the path to 5G ecosystem maturity and early 5G commercialization.”

Huawei has been innovating and investing in 5G for years. Huawei will spend a minimum of US$600 million on 5G research and innovation by 2018. At present, Huawei has more than 2,000 5G R&D engineers and 11 5G R&D centers around the world, including three centers in Europe and six centers in China. Huawei has forged alliances with ecosystem partners from around the world. By March 2016, HUawei had more than 30 partners, including leading global carriers, industry alliances, organizations, and vertical leaders.

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei’s 5G product line, said: "As the standard continues to be updated, Huawei will continue to work with all parties to step up additional interoperability tests and promote the 5G industry maturity process, and to welcome the arrival of the entire industry digitization.”

Asha Keddy, Vice President Client, and General Manager Next Generation Standards, Intel Corporation, said: "Intel has been actively working with leading 5G companies to take advantage of Intel's unique end-to-end 5G NR technology and to accelerate 5G testing and commercialization based on the latest 5G NR technology. The Intel®XMM™8000 modem family maturity and time to launch will significantly benefit from this early multi-vendor interoperability progress and the realization of a global 5G NR industry ecosystem, with initial launches in mid-2019 and large-scale scaling in 2020.”

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Waziri Mkuu, Kassim Majaliwa, akiwa kwenye picha ya pamoja na Watoto wenye mahitaji maalum wa shule ya msingi ya Mitindo  alipowatembelea.

 Waziri Mkuu, Kassim Majaliwa akisalimiana na Watoto wenye mahitaji maalumu.

Waziri Mkuu, Kassim Majaliwa akizindua bweni la Wasichana.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

David Mgwasa akizungumza na wahandishi wa Habari mara baada ya hukumu yake kutolewa 
Na Mwandishi Wetu

TUME Usuluhishi na Uamuzi (CMA) imetoa tuzo kwa aliyekuwa Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Kiwanda cha Konyagi Tanzania (TDL), David Mgwassa (pichani juu kulia) baada ya kulipwa dola za Kimarekani 200, 000 ndani ya siku 14 kuanzia leo kama gharama za usumbufu baada ya kuachishwa kazi isivyo halali na Kampuni ya Tanzania Brewaries (TBL).
Pia  TBL inatakiwa kumlipa Mgwassa Sh.milioni 412   kama fidia ya kusitishwa kwa haki zake  na pia ilipe mkopo wa gari lenye thamani ya  Sh.milioni 94 ambalo lilikopwa na Mgwasa akiwa kazini.

Uamuzi huo umetolewa na Mwamuzi, Bw. Alfred Massay katika shauri la mgogoro wa kazi  lenye kumbukumbu namba CMA/DSM/ILALA/R.49/16,   ambapo Mgwassa alifungua madai mbalimbali dhidi ya TBL,  Sabmiller Africa na Sabmiller PLC-London. 

Mgwassa pamoja na mambo mengine mbali mbali, alikuwa akilalamikia kuachishwa kazi isivyo halali na kuomba alipwe mishahara ya miezi 36 kama fidia na pamoja na malipo ya bonasi kwa miezi mitatu ambayo ni sawa na zaidi ya Sh.milioni 261.5.

Mgwassa aliajiriwa na TBL kati ya Februari mwaka 1982 na Juni mwaka  2015 na katika kipindi cha kusitishwa kwa mkataba wake wa ajira alikuwa akiilipwa mshahara wa Sh. 17,191,451.88 kwa mwezi. Hata hivyo, ajira kati ya TBL na Mgwassa ilifikia mwisho Juni 25 mwaka  2015 baada ya kufikiwa kwa makubaliano ya mkataba wa kustaafu mapema.
Baada ya uamuzi huo kutolewa,Mgwassa aliyekuwa akiwakilishwa na Wakili Alex Mshumbusi alisema ameridhishwa na uamuzi huo.
David Mgwasa akizungumza na wahandishi wa Habari mara baada ya hukumu yake kutolewa hapo akiwaonesha nakala ya ukumu hiyo 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Meneja wa kituo cha utalii wa ndani cha Kaole Snake Park Bagamoyo, David Kiguhe(kulia) akimkabidhi Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Bagamoyo, Alex Mwakawago msaada wa Meza na Viti vya Waalimu wa Shule ya Msingi Kaole.Katikati ni Diwani wa Kata ya Dunda  Bagamoyo, Dickson Makamba na Mwalimu Mkuu wa Shule ya Msingi Kaole, Hamisi Juma Mrutu.Hafla fupi ya makabidhiano ilifanyika Kaole Snake Park Bagamoyo.

Meza 10 na Viti 10 zikiwa tayari kwa kukabidhiwa kama msaada kwa ajili ya Waalimu wa Shule ya Msingi Kaole Bagamoyo.

Na Mwandishi Wetu Bagamoyo.
KITUO cha Utalii wa ndani cha Kaole Snake Park kilichopo Bagamoyo Mkoa wa Pwani kimetoa msaada wa Meza na Viti vya Waalimu wa Shule ya Msingi Kaole vyenye thamani ya Shilingi milioni moja na laki nne katika hafla fupi iliyofanyika kituoni hapo mwishoni mwa wiki.
Akizungumza wakati wa makabidhiano Meneja wa Kaole Snake Park, David Kiguhe alisema kuwa msaada huo ni utekelezaji wa moja ya ahadi walizozitoa kwa Shule za ya Msingi Kaole wakati wa Hafla ya kuipongeza Shule kuwa namba moja katika ufaulu wa matokeo ya Mwaka jana.
Meneja David alisema kuwa waliahidi kuchangia kutoa msaada wa Meza 10 na Viti 10 vya Waalimu pamoja na kukarabati Vyoo vya Shule ya Msingi Kaole ambacho ndicho kitafuatia baada ya kutekeleza hili.
Kaole Snake Park iliteuliwa kuwa Mlezi wa Shule hiyo hivyo iko karibu na Shule na itaendelea kuwa karibu kama Mlezi kwa kutatua changamoto za Shule hiyo kwa kushirikiana na jamii inayoizunguka.
Nae Alex Mwakawago aliye mwakilisha Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Elimu Bagamoyo, alishukuru sana Msaada huo uliotolewa na Kaole Snake Park na kuwapongeza Kaole Snake Park kukubali kuwa Walezi wa Shule ya Msingi Kaole.
Alisema Alex kwa niaba ya Mkurugenzi, msaada huu ni utekelezaji wa jamii kusapoti kauli ya Mheshimiwa Rais John Pombe Magufuri ya Elimu bure.Jamii inapoona changamoto ndogondogo za Elimu na kuzitatua Serikali inatambua mchango wao katika sekta hii ya Elimu.
Tunaiomba Kaole Snake Park iendelee kuwa Mlezi wa Karibu kwa kusaidiana na jamii katika kuhakikisha maendeleo ya Shule ya Msingi yanaendelea kuwa mazuri na kwa jinsi hiyo basi alimtaka Mwalimu Mkuu wa Shule ya Msingi kuhakikisha Shule ya Msingi Kaole iendelee kuwa namba moja kila mwaka.
Nae Diwani wa Kata ya Dunda, Dickson Makamba aliwashukuru sana Kaole Snake Park kwa msaada walioutoa na watakaoendelea kutoa na kutoa wito wasiishie Shule za Msingi Kaole wakiwa na nguvu zaidi waangalie na Shule zingine katika Kata yake ya Dunda, kwani changamoto za Elimu zipo nyingi sana.
Diwani Makamba alitoa wito pia kwa wawekezaji wengine wa hapa Bagamoyo kuiga mfano wa Kaole Snake Park kusaidia kupunguza Changamoto za Elimu pamoja na maendeleo ya Jamii kwa ujumla kwa kurudisha kidogo kwa Jamii inayowazunguka angalau mara moja kwa mwaka.
Nae Mwalimu Mkuu wa Shule ya Msingi Kaole, Hamisi Juma Mrutu alishukuru sana msaada huo kutoka kwa Mlezi Kaole Snake Park na kuahidi kuendelea kushika namba moja kwa ufaulu kila mwaka kwani hana sababu ya kushindwa kama mahitaji yote anayoyahitaji yanapatikana.
Mwalimu Mkuu,Hamisi zaidi aliishukuru kamati ya Shule ndio iliyomuibua Mlezi huyo na kuwaomba kushirikiana nae kwa ukaribu sana kuitupia jicho la pekee Shule ya msingi Kaole.
Mwisho Kamati ya Shule ikiongozwa na Mwenyekiti, Mohamed Mbaruku ilishukuru sana msaada huo na kuahidi kushirikiana na Mlezi Kaole Snake Park kuhakikisha Shule ya Msingi Kaole inafanya vizuri daima.
Meneja wa Mlimani City Mall, Pastory Mroso(katikati) akimkabidhi Tv ikiwa ni moja ya zawadi mara baada ya kuibuka mshindi wa kwanza wa bidhaa za nyumbani zenye thamani ya Shilingi milioni 10 wakati wa promosheni ya msimu wa siku kuu ya Krissmass na Mwaka mpya iliyojulikana kama “Mlimani City Shopping Fest”.Hafla fupi ya makabidhiano ilifanyika Mlimani City jana.Kushoto ni Oparesheni Meneja wa Mlimani City Mall, Girish Kumar
Meneja wa Mlimani City Mall, Pastory Mroso(katikati) akimkabidhi seti ya muziki  ikiwa ni moja ya zawadi mara baada ya kuibuka mshindi wa kwanza wa bidhaa za nyumbani zenye thamani ya Shilingi milioni 10 wakati wa promosheni ya msimu wa siku kuu ya Krissmass na Mwaka mpya iliyojulikana kama “Mlimani City Shopping Fest”.Hafla fupi ya makabidhiano ilifanyika Mlimani City jana.

MSHINDI wa Promosheni ya Mlimani City katika kipindi cha msimu wa siku kuu ya Krismass na Mwaka mpya ya fanya manunuzi Mlimani City na ushinde ijulikanayo kama “Mlimani City Grand Shopping Fest” amekabidhiwa zawadi zake jana rasmi.

Mshindi huyo alipatikana mwishoni mwa wiki baada ya kuchezesha droo kubwa nay a mwisho iliyofanyika Mlimani City ambaye ni Johari Mussa mkazi wa Makongo juu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Johari aliibuka mshindi katika droo kubwa iliyohudhuriwa na mgeni rasmi Katibu Mkuu, Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu(Sera na Uratibu), Profesa Faustine Kamuzora.

Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari, Meneja wa Mlimani City, Pastory Mroso alimpongeza sana mshindi, Johari Mussa na kumuomba awe balozi mzuri wa Mlimani City kwa kuitangaza siku zote katika mazingira anayoishi.

Nae mshindi Johari Mussa, aliwapongeza utawala wa Mlimani City kwa ubunifu wa kuaendesha promosheni hiyo ambayo wateja wengi wamefurahishwa nayo ikiwa ni pamoja na kunufaika pia lakini zaidi aliwapongeza kwa kumfanya kuwa mshindi wa kwanza na akaahidi kuwa balozi mwema siku zote.