Wednesday, December 24, 2014

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THE Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) has
received a second-year support of 30,000 US D from the global information
and communications firm Huawei technologies Tanzania as the move to ensure
masters degree students from the school of computational and communication
science and engineering are improving their researches.

The second year’s MoU will see Huawei Technologies releasing USD 30,000
(about Sh51m/-) each year for three years which started last year to
support ICT research for students studying Master programme in ICT field at

Speaking shortly after the signing ceremony in Arusha over the weekend, the
NM-AIST deputy vice chancellor Prof Lughano Kusiluka said that Huawei
Technology (T) co Ltd’s support of 30,000 US D assists a number of master’s
degree students to undergo their researches in various fields within the
communication science and engineering school.

 Prof Kusiluka also said that the agreement is a catalyst for speeding
development of ICT sector in the country as the university has the
opportunity to do more research in the ICT field and the findings, which
enable the institute to discover new technologies in the ICT industry.

 “As you witnesses today, about 93 masters degree students, 13 in
Philosophical Doctors-PHDs graduated, we thank for the support from Huawei
Technology Tanzania, because have contributed to the achievement of some of
these students to accomplish their studies” he said

He added: “I quote the President Jakaya Kikwete in his speech at the
graduation ceremony that  the scientific research in ICT is very crucial in
transforming the economy of any nation in the world, therefore with this
quote I call other companies to come and support research students in this
sector so as to improve our economic development”

For his part, NM-AIST’s school of computational and communication science
and engineering Dean Dr Martin Kimanya said: “This support from Huawei
Tanzania is a great boost to the masters students at our university
particularly to my school, this support assists students to do their
researches effectively, as you observe today some of them graduated”

The Don added: We promise to use the funds provided accordingly in making
sure that the funds are allocated into the ICT researches so as to enable
boost the development ICT sector in the country because it is through ICT
development that enables any country to achieve political, social and
economic growth because ICT is an engine of technology innovation, driving
social and economic development”

 Some of the beneficiaries of the project said that the funds help them to
undergo their researches and completed timely.

“We thank the supporter of this project Huawei for their kindly heart, on
my behalf I was undertaking electromagnetic interference and compatibility
analysis between FM broadcasting Radio and aeronautical communications
system, and I did a very good research that makes me to be awarded a
masters degree in Information and Communication Science and Engineering”

Another beneficiary Joseph Haule said: “I took a research on automated
irrigation management system using wireless sensor networks-WSN, the
support from Huawei was a great thing to me, I performed well and today I
awarded my masters degree”

Huawei supports to NM-AIST is one of their ICT Star programme which
supports the development of ICT sector in Tanzania, and confidently that
the contribution encourages students to put more efforts into their ICT
researches as their findings will play a vital role in boosting ICT sector
development in the country.

Huawei has committed themselves in supporting growth of the country’s ICT
industry, through support of ICT sector more and more ICT engineers and
experts will be generated thus contributing to the ICT development in


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