Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sporting activities – Lower Primary 2015

“Think Positively, Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy, Work Hard, Stay Strong, Worry Less, Enjoy More And Be Happy” - Aristotle
At Al Muntazir Girls Primary School, children are encouraged to join in sports, exercise, and active games, which then support many kinds of physical play. These extracurricular activities helps a child grow in and out of the classroom, and the key is keeping the activity fun.
Children’s participation in organized extracurricular activities has been associated with positive short- and long-terms outcomes; involvement in extracurricular activities has a positive impact on academic achievement and pro-social behaviors. Extracurricular activities also help reduce school drop-out rates as well as emotional and behaviour disorders.

One of the great benefits of extracurricular activities is creating new opportunities to learn to think about themselves and to learn what they like and don’t like.

Lower Primary children enjoy the sporting activities where they get time to play and use their energy in a good way; they play badminton, throw and catch skipping and hoola hoops. They really can’t wait when it comes to the days slotted for the sporting activities.


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