Wednesday, September 14, 2016

 Vuvuzela Managing Director, Evans Bukuku (second right), speaking during the Launch of Value Comedy Nights.
 Agustino Makame from representative fro Basata, speaking during Press Comference.
 Journalist during Press Comference.

TANZANIA Distilleries Limited (TDL) through its Brand ‘Valeur Superior Brandy’, in partnership with Vuvuzela Entertainment today announced the launch of the second season of Valeur Comedy Nights program.  Vuvuzela Entertainment, owners of the famous monthly standup comedy “Evans Comedy Night” will manage the Comedy Talent Search competition here in Dar es Salaam
Last year’s winner Hussein Athuman apart from receiving invitations to be the MC at different occasions in the country; he has had opportunity to be part of the Evans Bukuku shows and Harakati Comedy show that airs on TV1 every Sunday. He has also been featured in TV commercials (Smart Telecoms 4G TVC & TVC).
Speaking at the press conference, Valeur Brand Manager, Warda Kimaro, said, “Valeur Superior Brandy slogan is cheers to good stories! We cherish our good times with ‘a glass of Valeur’, and we believe the good stories we have can blend well with a bit of standup comedy! We have continued our partnership with Vuvuzela Entertainment after a successful ‘Valeur Comedy Nights’ season one.  Similar to last year, our aim is to continue to scout, reward and promote talented individuals, assisting them to realize their potential in standup comedy.”
She added that ‘Valeur Comedy Nights’ will take place in Dar Es Salaam only, but we have plans to extend to other regions in future .She said the top 5 finalists will have internship at the Vuvuzela Entertainment, and the Dar Regional Winner will scoop a total of 2,000,000/= Tsh cash. This will be a ‘Winner takes all’ competition.
She encouraged people especially those in the regions, who are from the age of 18 years old to take part on this competition. For this might be the opportunity they need to get into their career.
Vuvuzela Entertainment will screen the contestants and conduct the judging process. In this process of screening and selecting winners, BASATA (Tanzania Arts Council) officials will be involved to ensure that we award the best and the whole process is fair.
Vuvuzela CEO, Mr. Evans Bukuku said “The ‘Valeur Comedy Nights’ will be held over a 9 week period, we shall have auditions on Thursdays each week, where 5 best comedians will qualify to compete in the district final which shall be held on Saturday of the same week. A winner from each of the 9 District Finals qualifies to compete in the Regional competitions on the tenth week. Mr. Bukuku confirmed again that apart from the winner getting the cash prize, Vuvuzela Entertainment will take 5 comedians for internship where they will train and nurture their talents, progressing it to a career.
Mr. Bukuku said, as the ‘Competition Chief Judge’ concluded by highlighting few competition rules, few of them being that all contestants must be 18 years and above, contestants must not use abusive language or make fun of religions and contestants must be sober all the time during the competition.
BASATA’s representative commended TDL for this initiative that focuses on promoting local talents especially on standup comedy in the country. He went on to say in this era, standup comedy is a career and can earn someone a very luxurious life, citing examples of American Kevin Hart, Nigerian Basketmouth and the likes. He said standup comedy is relatively new in Tanzania, but its growing fast and have a very promising future. He requested other companies to promote art as this will improve employment and also keep youth busy i.e. stay away from drugs and other evils of this modern world.
TDL Regional Sales & Distribution Manager, Mr. Mwesige Mchuruza expounded that “Valeur Comedy Night” events will be held in various Bars.  He confirmed that activations will start at Temeke district for this first week, auditions will be held at Pentagon Pub – Temeke. He went on to explain the details as below:

Auditions Outlets

District Finals Outlets
Pentagon Pub
Liquid Bar -Temeke
Jambo Lee
Jambo Lee
Conner Bar
Hongera Bar-Kinondoni
Blue Fish
Liquid Bar -Kigamboni
Vijana Social
Katumba Bar-Kinondoni
KB Bar
Toroka Uje
Toroka Uje-Kimara
Dar West Park
KB paradise
Saba Saba Bar-Sabasaba
Kisuma Bar-Temeke Saba Saba


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